When I call on Jesus all things are possible

Clayton Jennings is known as a religious leader, author, public speaker and an evangelist. He was born on 5th December 1987 in Indiana that is native to America. He came from five generations of preachers and missionaries. He was raised in the same church where his father was a preacher and an evangelist. He is married to his childhood love and has a beautiful little girl that was born in September 2017. He started his ministry in 2008 and published two of his best novels named Twenty Tales and Willow Trees of the Warfare in the same year. But after being accused of sexual allegations, he left his ministry and took social media as a new platform for preaching. The significant attributes of his popularity are through his spoken word poetry, short online videos and his impressive public speaking ability that go through deep into your heart. Every nation or population needs something real to soothe their souls, and the answer is only one that is JESUS. Clayton’s goal is just to tell the world that hope, salvation, and prosperity can be achieved only through Jesus.

If God only used sinless people, there would be no people left to use.

Clayton Jennings

Life of Claton Jennings

He got fame after being starred and self-producing a Christian featured film Strayland in 2011and a huge number of people became his admirers. He wants the world to learn Gospel. He is a true believer in Gospel, and he thinks that every solution is there in the Gospel. He believes that thousands of people are being saved through Gospel and thousands could be saved through Gospel. He is not preaching the world only through the social networking sites or through his writings, but he gathered millions of people to tell them the teachings of Jesus. He is connected to his followers via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. He is an influencer with a pure heart and kind words. He has almost 20 million believers who follow him online.

He Served For JESUS

This young man runs a movement named #TelltheWorld through which he takes the message of Gospel on roads by traveling the World weekly and speaking at different churches, conferences, and collages. The purpose of this movement is to tell the World about the teachings and life of Jesus. He has 350 million listeners in his every speech and millions of sincere followers on different networking sites. After so much popularity and success Jennings is still working hard to spread the word of love and prosperity through his work. He said that ‘This journey is not about him, but this journey is all about Jesus’.

Either you read his novels, watch his videos or listen to his speeches you find soothe and calmness in your heart because there is only one thing about which he talks about and that is Jesus.

He also runs a clothing brand that includes the Jesus customized sweatshirts, accessories, smartphone covers and kids wear. The sole reason is to spread the love of Jesus. He is a man who runs overcorrection and Christians admire him.