Clayton Jennings is a believer in Jesus. He is an author, evangelist, public speaker and a filmmaker. He is a son of a Christian preacher and comes from five generations of missionaries and preachers. He is a 30 years old Central Indiana native-born famous Gospel preacher of the next generation. At the age of 25, he published two novels named Twenty Tales and Willow Trees of Warfare in the year 2008. After leaving the ministry in 2008 after being accused of specific sexual allegations, he became a famous social media personality. He started preaching through the social media platform. He gained fame after producing a Christian feature film named Strayland in which he was also starred in the year 2011. He has a very charismatic personality that helps to gain him such massive masses when he preaches the teachings of Jesus. People travel all around the world to listen to his sermons. He has millions of sincere followers on different social media sites that include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. He runs a movement #TelltheWorld is gaining masses day by day, and this movement aims to tell the world that hope and salvation are served through Jesus only.